Change Log

March 14

  • update Removed bold style for menu items that are selected.

March 12

  • addition Attachment functionality.

March 7

  • addition Draft functionality.

March 4

  • fix Menu was clickable even when not visible.

March 3

  • update Show all messages button in each thread that hides all but 3 messages from each thread that has more than 3 messages.

March 2

  • update Update compose button color when sidebar item clicked.
  • feature Update your email signature from DarwinMail.

March 1

  • update New slick menu open animation.

February 27

  • update Attachment paperclip design in email snippet.

February 24

  • update New slick modal design.

February 21

  • fix Clicking Inbox was not changing header to the correct color.

February 13

  • update Common design for all modals and buttons.

February 9

  • update Changed icon in the compose header for selecting full screen.

February 8

  • fix Removed undefined message description (snippet) from threads.
  • fix Moving between threads with hotkeys on tiny devices.
  • update Show empty state when all threads removed from view.
  • update Reduced parsing for styling plain text emails.

February 6

  • fix Removed undefined message description (snippet) from threads.
  • fix Moving between threads with hotkeys on tiny devices.

January 30

  • update Created a whitelist of allowed html tags to combat numerous forms of Cross Site Scripting attacks. Anything not in the whitelist is removed from the email message.

January 28

  • fix The important emails pin switch will disable itself until emails are loaded, preventing too many fast clicks which caused the wrong inbox to be loaded.

January 27

  • fix Now filter all emails and their content to remove Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities that may have been sent in the email.

January 22

  • update Email speed and responsiveness enhancements.

January 17

  • update User interface changes and enhancements.

January 13

  • fix The design of the menu and how it scrolls with the dark mode switch.
  • fix The design of mobile dialogs.
  • update Block non inline email CSS.
  • fix Adding or removing labels to threads when clicking on a done, thrash, star or important thread action.

January 12

  • fix Scroll down to load new threads on mobile.

January 7

  • feature Dark Mode. Now you can activate dark mode by pressing the switch at the bottom of the menu. Dark mode provides a sleek and less distracting option when you're taking care of your emails.
  • update Now showing a notification response when an email is sent.
  • addition You can now add multiple email recipents via chips in the compose container (to, cc, bcc).
  • update Mobile design - changelog.
  • fix Position and design of compose container for mobile devices with a screen size of 550 pixels or less.

January 4

  • feature Hotkey / keyboard shortcuts support. Now you can easily cycle through your emails, open and close a new message compose, search, open the menu, go to certain inboxes and more!

January 3

  • fix Clicking done action on email thread in done label now removes email thread from view (and back into the inbox).

January 2

  • addition Upgrade dialog and Pro Lite, Pro Plus, Pro Unlock plans.
  • feature Distraction free email mode. This feature will allow you to fully expand your email compose container to fill the entire screen. This will create a distraction free environment for you to write your emails. You can access distraction free mode by clicking the leaf icon on the email compose header.

January 1 2019

  • update Text and image you are shown when you reach Inbox Zero.

December 24

  • addition Menu bar added. You can access this by clicking on your picture from the top right of your email inbox.

December 18

  • fix Popout compose was pinned to top of the view even when there are lots of threads to scroll down.
  • update Loading animation when performing searches.

December 17

  • update Compose editor font size, padding and general design.
  • fix Bug where clicking important icon on thread, in the important mailbox, did not remove the thread from view.
  • update Moving of emails logic via thread/message actions(starred, important, trash, done) for each label(inbox, starred, trash, sent etc).
  • fix Issue where emails would not fit inside message container on smaller screens.

December 16

  • fix Removed snooze icon from thread actions as functionality has not yet been implemented.
  • fix Removed blue underline and blue background when hovering over links in emails.
  • addition Twitter card support for displaying on tweets and facebook shares of
  • update Thread actions tooltips.
  • feature Word count when composing emails.
  • fix Issue where Namecheap emails were breaking message design because of their own custom design embedded in their emails.

December 15

  • update Open compose button color is now the same as the label theme color.
  • addition Theme colors for social, updates, forums and promotion labels.
  • update Empty state image colors.
  • fix Important label not rendering the correct label messages.
  • fix Reply button only appearing the first time a thread is shown.
  • update Loading animation is a now a 3x3 grid.
  • update Position of loading animation is now centered below the search bar.
  • addition Loading animation below threads when loading more threads.
  • addition Send email animation.
  • addition Send email validation.

December 14

  • fix Removed unnecessary scopes for Gmail API.
  • addition Custom background image.
  • addition Terms of service and privacy policy pages.
  • update New logo with flat UI colors.
  • update Smaller search bar.
  • fix Email compose bullet and numbered points design issue.
  • fix Subject header was causing issue when no header was present in the message.
  • update Message snippet shown at the top of a thread is now the snippet from the last message in the thread.

December 13

  • milestone New website landing page design.

December 11

  • update Open email links in new tab.

December 10

  • addition Show/hide email footer.
  • update Email design improvements.

December 8

  • update Format of message design.

December 3

  • fix From name whitespace.
  • addition Click outside email to close all emails.
  • update Thread header font size.
  • update Thread sizing.
  • update Thread email container icon design.
  • fix Not enough screen at bottom to scroll down for more threads.
  • fix Message payload header is empty when From/Subject are all capitals.
  • fix Important mails being removed from view if star icon is unselected.
  • update If thread is the last one removed from below a thread header then remove the thread header too.

November 30

  • update Timeframes value formatting.

November 29

  • fix Fixed bug where scrolling would eventually have undefined nextPageToken resulting in fetching all the same threads all over again.

November 25

  • update Dates for messages format.
  • fix Dates were displaying incorrectly.
  • update Thread locking so only one set of threads renders at a time.

November 18

  • update Open nav by clicking label.
  • update Thread bolding when unread.
  • fix Thread header text position.

November 17

  • update Disabled to and subject fields in email reply.
  • update Mobile design for top bar.

November 6

  • update Message label action contexts.
  • fix Bug in send email format.

October 24

  • update Core design updates.

October 22

  • addition Send email cc and bcc.
  • addition Send message.

October 10

  • update Send email deign.

October 9

  • addition Search bar. Now you can search all your emails.

October 8

  • fix CSS bug fixes.

October 6

  • addition Thread paging.

October 3

  • fix Thread subject length.
  • addition Thread dates.

September 30

  • addition Email compose editor.
  • addition Loading animation for emails.
  • addition Pop out email compose, minimize and maxamize.
  • addition Mark mail as read.

September 29

  • addition Sort threads based on timestamp.

September 28

  • addition Pin email as important.
  • update Updated core design.
  • addition Empty state for inboxes with no threads or messages.
  • addition Google sign in and out.
  • addition Menu animation.

September 27

  • addition Thread actions & action click handlers.
  • addition Thread expansion animation.
  • addition Updated styling of messages.

September 23

  • addition Label color support.
  • addition Landing page for DarwinMail.

September 19 2018

  • milestone Began development of DarwinMail.